Football West

Whether your interest is entirely based around watching your child kick a ball, participating on a social or semi-professional basis or it extends to a deep passion for a local or overseas team, you stand to benefit from the bid to build a Home of Football.

By backing the push for funding, you will be sending a clear message that the most-played team sport in Western Australia has a collective voice that deserves to be heard.

A centre of training excellence, small competition venue, community facilities and administrative headquarters will deliver improvements in every area of football, and to every one of the hundreds of thousands of people it already touches in this state.

In recent years, the WA State Government has responded to the needs of sports including rugby union, basketball, baseball and netball, by providing infrastructure funding to assist in the building of administrative headquarters.

Decision makers should be applauded for recognising the benefits provided by these state sports associations, and should now give serious consideration to funding a home for WA’s most-played team sport.

Football West, the game’s peak body, which was established in 2004 and is affiliated to world governing organisation FIFA, through Football Federation Australia, is a high-performance association, which caters for an ever-growing number of participants.

The establishment of a Home of Football would enhance the delivery of the sport from grassroots and development levels to elite performance. It would allow more people more opportunities to play more sport, which is consistent with government policy regarding the promotion of active and healthy lifestyles.

A Home of Football would include:
•Education and training resource centre for coaches, referees, administrators and volunteers seeking improvement at both community and elite levels

•Small venue with artificial surface to be used for senior, junior and schools matches

•A centre of training excellence to ensure the continued development of exceptional players

•Modern facilities and training base to entice the world’s biggest clubs and national teams for friendly matches, providing tourism exposure

•Improved administration to guarantee:
i) better delivery of all programs to its growing number of members
ii) expansion of inclusive development programs, which cater for new migrants, people with disabilities and disadvantaged community members
iii) cost-savings due to a streamlined and more efficient organisation
You can play your part by reminding local councillors, politicians and business leaders of the valuable role soccer plays in the lives of children, families, friends and community.