Frequently Asked Questions

When and how long is training & what is involved? 
Generally training is normally an hour duration once a week between 4:30pm and 6:30pm for juniors and 6:30pm and 8:30pm for seniors.  Training session days and times are not initially fixed until a few weeks after training commences, this mainly due to coaches availability and also the amount of space on the grounds to accomodate training, however where possible coaches also obtain general feedback from parents for times which suit them.  It's always better to have a day and time where the majority of players can make it to training.  We will put initial training dates on each of the Team pages on this website and also facebook as soon as possible.  Note some teams may train more than once a week dependent on which division and league they play in.  The coach will notify players of this requirement.

How long is the season?
Season runs from April until September.  Training can start as early as January for some senior teams, however Junior start dates are generally staggered from mid-February

How do I register?
ALL registrations are to be done online through MyFootballClub, the club cannot do this for you however we can assist you with the process.  Please come to the Registration Day (details on the Events page) if you need assistance.

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