Frequently Asked Questions

  ​If you have any other questions or would like more detail, please contact us or speak to a committee member.  
What Age can my child start playing?
We have teams starting at Under 6's in which they can play from 5 years old.  Note that age groups are based on what age your child is as of 31 December.

What Equipment/clothing do i need?
All players must have football boots, shin pads, club shorts and socks.  You will be given a jersey on match days which is to be returned to the coach (delegated wash person) at the end of each game.  All other general equipment is available at the club, however if you wish for example get your own specialised goalie gloves, then please do so, however we will not cover the expense.

Where do they play?
This is dependent on the age group.  For example Under 6's & 7's play in the local Rockingham \ Kwinana area only.  As they get older the area expends from South Perth to Mandurah.  There may be occassions where teh team may have to travel further due to Cup fixtures, however this is normally a once per season occurrence if at all.

When and how long do they play?
All teams play on a Sunday, with juniors generally between 8:30am & 12:00pm and seniors between 11:00am and 3:30pm.  Game duration is dependent on age group and more specific information can be found on the Football West website under Competition Rules

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